Extruder Stepper Motor Cooling

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Extruder Stepper Motor Cooling

Postby pvtschultz » Fri Mar 13, 2020 4:09 pm

I've been a huge fan of the maker movement over the years and the creativity of 3D printer users. I finally have something to give back after years of borrowing other peoples ideas. I have had great success printing with the SainSmart ePA-CF (carbon loaded Nylon) filament with my Pro2 Plus but started wondering if I might be pushing the temperature limits. I started with using the hot-end fan spacers to get more flow past the cooling fins and printed the modified cold end fan shroud. I then printed the ocelot27 cold end blower parts but haven't quite gotten them installed yet. Finally I decided that I could do something about the stepper motor temperatures during long builds at elevated temperatures. The clearance around the steppers is tight in a few locations so I couldn't use the models found on Thingiverse. I liked the use of blowers over fans anyways so I came up with my own design blower shrouds. I've only got the one for the left extruder done so far, but I figured that I would start to share my progress.

I designed a shroud to duct air from a 30 mm blower fan around the four sides of the left extruder stepper. The blower wheel was liberated from the assembly and was glued to the shroud. The shroud then snaps into place on the stepper. The fan draws a measured 0.1A at 12 VDC. My initial plan is to wire it into the cold end fan circuit with the right blower when I get that designed.

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