Left Nozzle Extruder Motor Will Not Move (not jam related)

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Left Nozzle Extruder Motor Will Not Move (not jam related)

Postby Kraken3d » Mon Jan 06, 2020 7:23 pm

Been printing some PETG parts on my Pro2 and woke up this morning to a print in mid air. At first I thought it was a jam but seems now that the left side stepper might have died altogether. The right side works fine but the left side motor move even a single click. I plugged a different motor I had here into the factory wires and although the poles are not the same that motor did at least try to move. But not sure yet if the motor is really dead yet, I ordered a identical motor off Amazon to check. I sincerely would doubt it to be the motor since in all my years, and all my printers I have rarely, if ever, seen a stepper fail.

If it's not the stepper motor I figure it might be the stepper driver. Anyone else ran into that issue? Where can I get a new stepper driver module if the motor test good? Way I see it's 1 of 3 things. Motor , driver or wires. The right extruder still works fine at the moment.

I did open a ticket but we all know how that will go. It will take a week to open and then the dumb questions will start and they won't have an answer anyway.

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