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Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:13 pm
by KS_Husker
Naser404 wrote:
Wait till you need to replace the touch screen, its about $1000, thats what happened to mine and i just wont replace it and will have to settle for remote use.

Ya, I just decided to let this thing be a brick for now until I decide what to do with it. Probably better to just sell it as is and get what I can out of it. I'm buying a $250 printer on ebay instead of these boards, that will work just as good (actually better) than this pro2. I can't even make it work with just one extruder because of the messed up way they have the thing configured and designed. That really sucks!!

Hope others learn from this and steer clear. I don't know why they can't just sell you the replacement parts at their cost instead of trying to gouge their customers for even more money when it's their own fault that these things are failing. I think by brushing around the heating element to clean the extruder, it shorted something out on the boards. Why should that cause an issue. That's just stupid!!

Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 2:01 pm
by batab
KS_Husker wrote:I just found out that my printer needs a new extruder board and motion controller board. Another $470 and it is still within the year that I purchased the machine but they only warranty things that actually may fail for 90 days so neither are covered. NICE!!!

I have to say I am very disappointed. This is also after I found out that I had a runaway heating rod that could have burned my house down if I didn't stay and watch the machine start the print. I had heard this could be an issue and figured they had it fixed by now. All firmware and software was up to date also. Way to go Raise3D!! I was pushing everyone I knew to buy one of these printers and now I will be doing the opposite. Very dangerous machine, and poorly conceived. Also ridiculous that they won't cover things like this and don't have a better way to keep them protected from failure. I should never have to spend this kind of money to get this machine going again. That's a huge chunk of the total cost of the machine.

Wait, what? If the failure is not due to customer misuse, it must be covered with a 1-year warranty. Unless you bought it from "weird" resellers.

I think you should re-contact the R3D support or their local distributor.

Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:51 am
by Heckler
If they would just open source the firmware the community would fix a good portion of the issues, what are they trying to protect? failure?

Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:30 pm
by jimdurt
Wish I could have help steer you clear. Customer Service is horrible. I bought 2 Pro2 Plus and have had nothing but problems. Parts are expensive. The 1 year warranty does not cover electronics. My control board failed within 9 months. Had to buy a replacement out of my own pocket. And it had a problem. Waiting on another one as we speak.

1) Replaced control board 2 times.
2) Replaced extruder board because Customer Service did not know what was causing the Board Error: Temperature fault.
3) Stepper drive disconnected out of the box. Had to flip on side, disassemble and reconnect.
4) 1 of the beds was not level. Took several hours to dial it in just right.
5) Broken multiple motor couplers. Finally replaced all of the aluminum couplers with stainless steel. The aluminum couplers fatigue fracture way to soon on my machines. May be due to misalignment of motor and drive shafts.
6) Nozzle tip was not installed correctly from factory. Plastic oozed out above the heat sink on the hot end. Completely engulfing the nozzles. Was a pain to clean and repair. There is a post with pictures on here somewhere.
7) Retraction is a non starter on my machines. I turn it off to prevent clogs and grinding through filament. I have tested and adjusted until I dont care if I ever use that setting again.
8) Replacement control board has problem with X axis terminal. Will not let printer move in Negative direction. Waiting on a replacement again.
9) Nozzle continues to switch mid print even though I only have right nozzle programmed for print.

We own (10) Lulzbot Taz 5, (2) Pro2 Plus and (1) Creality 3d Ender 3. The Ender 3 out performs all of them. Lulzbot has the absolute best tech and customer support in the industry. Most friendly people you will ever talk to.

Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 12:32 am
by drarhiii3
I join forums and normally don't post reviews or spend time submitting replies, but at this point I believe this is necessary and hope someone not only reads through these posts, but takes the advice of others (which is what I wish I had done before my purcahses). I tend to stay away from negative feedback on products, because there are always pessimists and those that like to flame small problems without understanding what it is they are even talking about. Having said that, I expect minor issues here and there from ANY company as there are going to be failures due to the sheer billions of import parts that are used in ALL mechanical/electrical machines today. Having said that, I purchased the Pro2 Plus and Pro2 less than 3 months ago....and certainly not my idea of quality for the price.
I've spent more time tuning and tinkering than I wanted to at this price point. I have two other printers in the $1500 price range that work flawlessly everytime. They have a smaller build volume which is why I wanted a large format, but had I known what issues I was buying into, I would've put the thousands of dollars into other projects. Nonetheless, after days of working on both printers in the last couple of months and at least an additional $1000 in parts...I'm now having failed print after failed print (out of left field) due to the extruder stopping in the first 5 minutes using Atomic PETG, Raise3d and Matter Hackers Pro PLA. I will say I am not surprised as I have learned to expect random consistent problrems that have ranged from a failed main board to hot ends loosening up oozing/twisting (could start an entire new thread on the lack of engineering and design intent that went into these hot ends, but I am sure there are several out there already).

I will continue to work through these problems as I have a lot invested in their marketing scheme and I'm not ready to throw in the towel, but at this point because of the inconsistent reliability, these printers have become a timesink and very discouraging to use. You never know if you're going to get a perfect print or a dumpster fire of issues when you leave the room. Forget the money at this point and the additional 2 years RaiseShield I purchased for both printers, I just don't have the time to troubleshoot and tinker with two machines that have performed less than 50% of the time I have owned them.

So unless, you want to spend a lot of time/money babysitting and tinkering simple prints for mechanical/electrical issues that the support doesn't seem to help out with or takes multiple days to resolve, I suggest you pass and look elsewhere.

Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:36 pm
by Markus64
I bought the Pro2 commercially because I believed in the many advertising promises.
A 3D printer of this price range must be a neatly constructed and well thought-out "workhorse" – I thought...
After a week of testing, however, it was clear that I had acquired a lot of problems for a lot of money.
My first contact with the support was also the last one. I was denied support requests on the grounds that, as a foreigner, I should contact my German dealer. There would be cultural as well as linguistic barriers.


What does itite my dealer if I have problems with the printer? At first he poses ignorantly and refers to the many satisfied customers who work with the device completely without any problems. I am the first to have problems. The trader has sold, got his money and my problems don't matter as if a bag of rice falls over in China! If he does not sell a Raise3D printer, he will simply sell the device from another manufacturer in the future. That's how it works!

The behaviour the support showed was arrogant and cheeky.

On my Pro2, the Print Plate bent so much that the jets pulled through the filament like ploughs. Normal printing was simply not possible.
The coating of the plate threw bubbles and the handle got strong cracks.
Blockages of the nozzles were standard. Printing overnight is therefore a risk.
The overall soundscape is an imposition.
The firmware is unloving and partly headless programmed, my box needed a handful of resets on the factory settings since February to get back on track.
Because I bought the printer commercially, I could not easily exercise my right of withdrawal. In Germany, as a customer, I have to prove gross defects to the manufacturing. This means that nothing would happen without a lawyer and a court.
I didn't want to do that and started to eliminate the worst defects myself.
There is no need to ask questions to support for undocumented connections, because they are not answered
I designed a news printer bed to be leveled manually. I can only laugh at "pre calibrated" of the original version.
Afterwards I found a solution to cool the mainly used left extruder motor,
modified the lighting and installed the water cooling.
Previous material costs approx. 1000,- €. Loss of use of the printer so far 4 weeks, working time for conversions and construction and tests about 100 hours.
An absurdity, a device of this price range with a lot of money and commitment to modify it first so that it works as expected!
Industrial Grade? NEVER!
What's the point of a cloud if the printer isn't built and works the way it should work?
Continue with the software. Ideamaker is certainly not bad, but it has become confusing in its application. There is also an urgent need for action here!

Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:47 pm
by Naser404
What really bothers me is that support never actually acknowledge the problem that are reported by so many users on the forums and rather ask you to contact support or open a ticket or even they send you replacements parts.

These however "DONT'' fix the issue all these people reported on the forum so obviously there is a design flow and they need to man up and either fix it or provide replacements even if we had to pay for them rather then spend countless hours and money doing lots of modifications like Markus and others did to have the printer running as it should be.

Funny how they don't see that this with time with catch up with them and credibility will be lost and customers too.

I already sold one of them and informed the guy who bought it that it has major issues and now I'm stuck with one that has a broken touch screen and i am not willing to pay another $1000, and yes that's nearly the price of a new one.

Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:15 pm
by Steadipanda
mine has temperature fault too.
IF i need to print something I have to preheat it in 5c increment now until desired temp, then hit print. it takes me 30 mins at least cuz my bed is 110c........
replaced extruder board twice. same problem

Re: Questioning Pro2 Product Quality - Ongoing Issues

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 5:20 pm
by Matt14
I have been having a thermal issue with both extruders having a temperature fluctuation of 30+ C. The printer has been down for 3 weeks and I've replaced both thermocouples, motion board, extruder board, and a couple ribbon cables probably putting 10 hours into these troubleshooting steps. They didn't know what else to do so they are shipping a whole new printer. The new printer probably won't arrive until next week so I have been out a printer for almost a month. Fairly dissapointed and it looks like I'll probably have to deal with more issues in the future if this thread is any indication.