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Jam and filament guide

Postby Spud » Tue May 28, 2019 9:46 pm

I wanted to post this to hopefully help others with the same problem.

I had a print fail after 25 hours due to the extruder motor getting too hot, which heated the filament to the point where it couldn't push the softened PLA (not Raise3D PLA) and jammed at the gear that pushes the filament downward.
I had to take the extruder(s) system apart to clear the jam (the heat crammed so much plastic into the extruder system I had to literally drill it out to clear the hard plastic that was packed into it (the red lines).
extruder sysrm.png

When taking the extruder system apart one of the small bearings fell out and since there wasn't anything showing where the parts should go I placed the bearing on the shaft of an extruder similarly to the other extruder's bearing and put the system back together (bearings circled in blue).
Extruder bearing.png
Extruder bearing.png (113.61 KiB) Viewed 124 times

I kept getting the dreaded clicking sound but I could force the filament down using my fingers....so couldn't be a jam.
I inspected the filament drive and noticed the guide (made of black nylon?) wasn't aligned with the gears.
I took it apart and pushed the bearing that had fallen out, into the recessed area the bearing would normally be pressed into.
I used the flat side of the tweezer's handle to press it flush against the black nylon (needs to be squared. If it's not true It could create drag on the extruder and keep it from working -I know from experience! - more clicking).
That fixed the issue. The filament guide was lined up with the gear= no more clicking and no more poor prints.....on that side (the other side is a painful story).
Evidently, if the bearing isn't pressed into the black nylon it will push on the shaft which can move the gear off to one side (slop in the system =Bad BondTech!).

Since I've been printing with the lid off I have still had jams due to the extruder heat (two weeks ago it was hot in California and in my office) so now print with a desk fan blowing directly on the filament extruders.

FYI- I am using the latest firmware that lowers the current to the drivers.

Printing with the lid off is not a good solution. The bed, bearings and everything gets dusty and will need more cleaning than if the printer had its cover on.

So, I am working on a fan system that will keep the extruders cool, let me keep the lid on, and keep the dust out while raising the lid (which is too low) so the tubing doesn't have to rub holes in themselves or the lid.

Update later-
I'll post my solution here once I get the setup working.

If we can plug 12V fans into the two extra spots on the extruder's controller board we could print and mount our own extruder cooler ducting and case closed!!! (see what I did there?)
Can this be used for cooling.jpeg

I asked support and they told me if I used these it would void my warranty.

Does anybody have any feedback on these or other connection points that can be used to run a fan on the extruders while the printer runs?
California, USA
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