Hotend replacement and clogging

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Hotend replacement and clogging

Postby Sunshine » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:37 am


I have been having some issues with clogging which I have not been able to find the reason for. I think it has happened because I have replaced both nozzles and thus I had to remove both of the hotends. I am doing a dual print and both my PLA and PVA clogs at the filament feeder, you know behind the thumbscrews. Is this maybe because I am screwing them too hard? There does not seem to be any problem initially but happens after a while. Has anyone had a similar problem?

I have disabled the retraction except for when I am changing material in the print. The funny thing is that both of them clogs but the PLA does it much earlier than the PVA...

When I was cleaning the whole system I noticed that I could not insert my hotends all the way up. There is a small gap between the heatsink and the insertion hole and that gap is the same for both sides. In the tutorial, it says that the left one should be inserted all the way but I can't insert it any further. I guess I have missed a screw or something that makes it possible to insert it all the way but I can't find it :roll: .

Edit: After another clog that happened while I was looking at the print I realized that it did not start at the feeders, but seems to happen just below the ptfe tube. There are some additional ptfe that are inserted towards the hotend lifting system. It seems I inserted them wrongly (the flat part should be towards the center and the rounder part should be facing outwards.

See points 11-12 from the link. ... d=TXpnMw==

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