Dispensing Filament Sensor

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Dispensing Filament Sensor

Postby natemclain » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:00 pm

Good afternoon,

We have been having issues with inconsistent filament (Not Raise3D Premium Filament) and I was curious what it would cost or if it is possible (I know its possibly but at what cost, we would pay for the upgrade) if a sensor could be added to the runout sensor unit that would detect if the filament isn't moving (extruder clog, gear area jam, etc) and stop the print just like it would if the filament ran out.
It would save the print and save many hours of time since we have no good way to go back to the place where the print is and start over when this happens.
Sure we aren't wasting filament but the time is more valuable than the filament in my opinion.
We use these printers for commercial purposes and we are questioning if we need to move to more commercial printers that are more mature. But we really like the Raise printers, cloud, etc.

So... to the Raise3D engineers, please implement a sensor in the runout module or another device that can detect if the filament is stuck, or not feeding so we can save our prints. :-)

Nate McLain
Dee Foundries, Inc.
Houston, Texas

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Re: Dispensing Filament Sensor

Postby bunnynnubxo » Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:23 am

Very well said, yes, please implement this, it should be a given.

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