Is it ok to hard power off?

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Is it ok to hard power off?

Postby deftonite » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:13 am

The power switch for the Pro2 machine is at the rear bottom corner. I have my machine mounted on a 4-wheel dolly, and rolled under my desk. This means that for everytime I need to turn it on/off, I have to roll it out and reach down almost to the floor. My old back and knees hate it...

I've been getting around this by plugging the machine into a power strip that is on the desk, then just flicking the switch on the power strip. So from the printer's perspective, it's seeing a power outage everytime I'm done using it.

Is this ok? Is there any damage to the hardware by doign a hardpower cut instead of flicking the machine power switch? Not sure if the system goes through any short 'shut down' procedure before actually powering down properly.

Any info appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Is it ok to hard power off?

Postby mb300sd » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:17 am

On the N2 the power switch cuts power exactly the same as unplugging it. I assume they didn't change it for the Pro2.

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