Raft print quality

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Raft print quality

Postby SniperSK » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:45 am

Besides many other issues I recently noticed something about the raft print quality: on a circular raft noticed that one side of the raft looked good (no gaps, tight 'lanes', smooth and constant print) while on the other side it looked ugly with gaps, it was an irregular and 'dirty' print. The quality discrepancy was in direction of printing, so it was not an issue over time but went from the good side to bad side back and forth during the raft print.

Good side:

Bad side:

The bad side of the raft is also where the object tends to stick on the raft.

If it would have to do with material or settings, then it would occur equally distributed over the raft right? But it is clearly only happening in dedicated areas of the raft:

So this has to be some issue with the printer or software? Has anybody else experienced this?

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Re: Raft print quality

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Wed Dec 19, 2018 12:58 am

If it also causes different model adhesion, please double check the bed leveling. Check whether the nozzle gap changes at different positions on your bed plate.

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