Raise Pro 2 Plus Filament sensor issue

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Raise Pro 2 Plus Filament sensor issue

Postby Naser404 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:03 pm

I had a 61 hour print running for over 48 hours and i came the next morning and it was asking for filament since it ran out, so i tried removing the small piece of filament stuck at the filament sensor hole since it was kinked and after 20 minutes of opening the sensor and top cover i eventually replaced the filament and when it started printing i realized that its at least 20 layers high and is printing in air.

This printer is full of issues since i got it and i finally fixed most of them and now this, shouldn't the filament sensor be far away from the nozzle to catch any issue early that might arise from filament running out ?

Anyway i canceled the print and now i have to print the whole thing again and replace filament myself.

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