Stringing on extruder change

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Stringing on extruder change

Postby TSaK » Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:46 pm

Hi all.

I'm new to dual extrusion, so maybe my question goes a wrong way...

I have a problem when printing with both nozzles. I tried do print with the wipe-tower, but when i place it in the upper left corner, my print gets strings on the right side (from the "unused" nozzle). When i place the tower in the upper right corner, it's the same with the other nozzle on the right side.
I use the left nozzle for the print and the right for support.
I also tried the wipe-wall, but have to do it as near to the print as possible (approx. 2mm), but at some bigger parts i have the same problem. I tried different retraction amounts on extruder-switch (0 - 50 mm), but the filament always leaks a bit.
I think the problem is the order of steps in extruder-switching:
- the extruder will be switched in z-position
- the printhead corrects the x-position (for the other nozzle) <=*
- the printhead travels to the wipe-tower / wipe-wall on the other side of the print (left or right, through the print) <=*

In the marked (*) steps the exceeded filament from the before unused nozzle is wiped of at the print.
Can i change that order to "z-hop => travel x => travel to wipe-wall / -tower, correct z"? What else can i do?
I guess it is a problems with the settings, otherwise more would have the same problem...
I only don't know how to google this problem :-(

Can anyone help me?
Maybe someone has an already working template for this? I use greentec pro with polysupport.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Stringing on extruder change

Postby TSaK » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:05 am

Hi again.

With the new version of ideaMaker i fall back to the original settings from Raise3D ("High Quality - Pro2 Plus - PLA") and only change the following (relevant) settings:
Extrusion Width: 0,5mm

Horizontal Offset: 0.5mm
Solid Base Layers: 2
Dense Support Layers: 2
Dense Support Infill Ratio: 90%
Pillar Size: 1mm

Retraction Speed of Extruder-switch: 150 mm/s
Retraction Amount of Extruder-switch: 5mm

I use the wipe-wall and the support comes from the right nozzle.
After removing the wipe-wall i still have these spots on the surfaces, they start on the right side and get through the whole part (depends on the dimension of the part). I attached a screenshot from ideaMaker and a photo of the result (black: (left nozzle) Greentec Pro, white: (right nozzle) PolySupport).

Any tips?

Thanks in advance,
Screenshot ideaMaker.PNG
Result 3d-Print.jpg

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Re: Stringing on extruder change

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Thu Nov 01, 2018 1:30 am

If you have installed the latest version of ideaMaker, there has a feature to let the unused nozzle cool down. Which might can help your issue.

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