Pro2 Plus worth it?

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Pro2 Plus worth it?

Postby Belezeebub » Sat May 23, 2020 3:02 am

Forgive the way my brain rambles it has done that for more then 50 years now. Okay on to my questions I am not a pro 3d printer, I would guess I am 45% of the way to an expert, I need a bigger printer. The Raise3d Pro2 plus is on my short list.
This will be my 13th Printer (unlucky number yea I know)
Before I plop down 6k, I have questions.
I picked up a new contract and I need a printer that will hit the ground running and keep running for about eight months, to finish out the models.
The models are too large for my S5, which has the largest build area of any of my other printers.
I have never used or owned a Raise3d printer, I have an S5 (love it), Taz 6 (love it), Prusa I3Mk3 (Hated it returned it), Monoprice, Ender3, Maker, Tevo, on and on and on.

What do I need out of this printer?
This printer is going to print 81 models each with a number of 3 mm pegs that have to index into holes in models being printed on my S5 (think of “Legos”) the pitch and dimensions of the holes has to match, (unfortunately I cannot share the models I signed and NDA)
I know my S5 if I print 20x20 cubes on my build plate, they are accurate within an exceedingly small margin of error, My Taz 6 the margin of error matches and they will snap together.
My Ender has more slop, if I print two cubes on it they will snap together but if I try to attach them to prints off a different printer they will not.

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Re: Pro2 Plus worth it?

Postby Markus64 » Sat May 23, 2020 10:05 pm

A little tip from me:

Read the forum carefully. Especially the threads that deal with problems with the printer or parts of the printer. Or functions that users desperately want. The installation space and the visual appearance are not everything that makes a good printer in this price range. You will be able to answer your question yourself after studying the postings.

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Re: Pro2 Plus worth it?

Postby MMER1116 » Sun May 24, 2020 8:53 pm

I have had great luck with both a Pro (owned for two years) and a Pro Plus (owned one year). I print regularly in PLA and ABS and have had great success. I have designed in Fusion 360 a number of transmissions, printed gears and assembled them with no issues. Often times, gears are printed on both printers and used together in transmission assemblies. I could not be happier with the performance. I did plan on adding liquid cooling, purchased the copper kit about a year ago. Since I have had little to no issue with heat creep, the parts are in a drawer.

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Re: Pro2 Plus worth it?

Postby zemlin » Mon May 25, 2020 3:07 am

While the printer hardware certainly plays a role in dimensional accuracy, there are a lot of variables in the slicing software that also come into play, so you have to know how to balance your hardware and software to get the results you need. ... oss#p22315
That thread includes a model and spreadsheet I use to calculate scaling factors and horizontal offset (XY Size Compensation in Ideamaker). I am able to achieve dimensional accuracy of +/- .1mm with pretty much any material and printer setup (nozzle sizes, layer thicknesses, speeds, etc). I don't have the Pro printers - I have the older N2 and N2+. My Plus has over 4000 hours of print time on it and required service for the first time this spring - linear bearings in the print head were going bad. They aren't perfect printers, but for the size I don't think you can beat them at this price point.

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Re: Pro2 Plus worth it?

Postby simon_srp » Mon May 25, 2020 7:20 am

We have had issues with our Pro2 Plus since the beginning august 2018. I would not recommend buying this printer.

Their support is doing a good job but it has been time differences since i'm living in sweden and their support is somewhere USA or maybe China? So it took some time to get thing done. Now they have moved their support to the local reseller.

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