N1 linear bearing failure

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N1 linear bearing failure

Postby Jetguy » Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:53 pm

Just sharing this with the group so people have a reference to what it looks like. I had the linear bearings fail in the central crossing block and the hardened steel balls no longer rolling grooved the linear bearing shafts. I've opened a help desk ticket to replace the rods and bearings, but again, just as a reference to what this kind of failure looks like. here's a picture.

This can happen in any brand and should not be a worry or complaint, just saying, stop before it gets this bad. :o
The biggest problem isn't the cost or the parts, it's the fact to get to these specific bearings in the central crossing head on an N1 requires a bit of taking much of the machine apart. Luckily for me, years ago I removed the side windows and front door (requires removing the upper black and lower black cosmetic case of the machine) such that hopefully, I can slide the rods out through the side after loosening in the sliding blocks.
Still, the central crossing block then requires the entire extruder assembly split and so this is a non trivial repair job. Hope this never happens to anyone else.

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