*HELP* N2 and N2 Plus Calibration Issues

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*HELP* N2 and N2 Plus Calibration Issues

Postby cowtownam » Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:26 pm


I am a small business owner / model maker who recently got rid of my Lulzbot Taz 6's and "upgraded" to three Raise3D's -- or so I thought!!! I have an N2 and two (2) N2 Plus' and they typically are running 24/7 making models for my customers. As of today, 0 of the 3 are successfully printing models.

I had the first N2 Plus for over a year and printed anything/everything with little to no problems -- models of all shapes & sizes and complexity. I've utilized the entire 24" int the Z axis to make some amazing looking parts so I know I didn't just get some "bad printer off the Raise3D production line" like I see some people complain about on here. The N2 and 2nd N2 Plus I've had since August and same situation.

All of the sudden all THREE printers decided to start going haywire and it would appear that the bed is not level. I used the .02mm feeler gauge to perform the z-calibration on all 3 machines. Each machine's calibration is different but as I tram across the build plates it is clear that the build plates are NOT planar to the gantry system, nor are they level. I am no fool, I understand I have a desktop machine here and they are not perfect, material is not infinitely stiff, and that the extruder head will sag a little bit, perhaps the rods may have some sag. But not this bad?? Why did my printers work so amazing prior to this? Perhaps I am overlooking something so simple and easy because I've been staring at the problem so long..

All 3 of my printers have the single extruder BondTech upgrade so i've eliminated a lot of the weight pushing down on that gantry system. All 3 printers were printing phenomenal parts prior to them all taking a crap. For all of them to screw up all simultaneously and no prints able to stick to the bed is odd to me. No sudden changes in mechanical configuration to the machines were made nor did I stray away from the print parameters/profiles I've been using for the past year.

Please see attached pics from my N2 Plus "Thor" -- all machines are showing the same side affects: raft sometimes has lines that simply won't stick to the bed, extruder head drags across top of the model even though the z-adjustment was done. Sometimes I can get a really nice raft to lay down then the very first layer of the model the extruder head is literally digging into the top of the raft while trying to extrude it seems. There's other areas in the model where it seems the extruder head is simply too far away from the bed whereas it's perfectly distanced in other areas of the bed it trams over. Which leads me to believe my bed is out of calibration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated it.. I guess I've been kind of spoiled the past 6 months getting such great prints perhaps I failed to maintain something mechanically on the machine. I really DO NOT want to touch the bed leveling point system -- Raise3D advertises a "out of the box" factory calibration and, up until now, they held up that end of the bargain. Does this bed eventually go out of calibration and users are forced to attempt to calibrate the bed via tramming & using a dial? I was told that the raft was the great equalizer on these machines which helps to overcome the inherently unlevel bed that comes with these machines.



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Re: *HELP* N2 and N2 Plus Calibration Issues

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:38 am

Would you like to print a full size cube with only first layer and see how it turns out to be?

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