There is not enough available storage to print

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There is not enough available storage to print

Postby gridnevcnc » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:33 am

Hello, I have an issue with the N2 Plus Dual printer. When I try to print a model, message displayed: "There is not enough available storage to print. Please delete some files in Local storage to free space" although the Local storage is completely empty.

I also found out that the built-in battery lost capacity and was swollen. Perhaps, due to an incorrect shutdown process, the printer’s internal EMMC memory has fall in read-only mode.
Attempting to lower the firmware yields nothing, the latest version remains.
Changing the battery to fresh gives nothing too.

I have the technical ability to remove the EMMC and check it for errors and "read-only" mode.
But I noticed that mainboard has OTG jack. Maybe there is an easier way to fix this problem? In case of firmware damage, I'll can't restore it without developers help.

I hope for your technical support.

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