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Recommended airflow for hotend fans ?

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:08 pm
by SgE

I'd like to alter the hot end cooling of my N2 (dual extruder setup).
What airflow / static pressure rating would you recommend for a single fan cooling both extruder hotends?

I want to use a single Sunon EB40101S2 40 x 40 mm fan for hot end cooling - and two more for print surface cooling.
The EB40101S2 achieves up to 11.9 m3/H (7 ft3/min) volume flow and up to 30Pa (0.12 inH20) static pressure - is that enough for both hot end radiators?

The stock Shenzhen D03510S12M is rated for 8,4 m3H (4.88 ft3/min) and the same static pressure. Since the fans cool both hotends and surface i guess i can get along with less than twice the airflow, am I right?