Pesky Problems

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Pesky Problems

Postby TheLoopyLegend » Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:10 am

I've had a few problems with my device that I haven't been able to sort out so I thought I'd bring it here and get your thoughts on it

Printer: Raise 3D N2+

Problem: Extruder will happily load any filament without problem, but fails to feed filament when starting a program.

Filament types: ABS/PLA

Temperature Range: PLA 180-220c/ ABS 190-240c

Things I've Tried: I have tried swapping over the Extruder motors, replacing the heating element as well as the thermisters, I've tried cold starts and pre heating the whole printer for 1 hour. I've also pre heated the extruder and bed to correct temps so when I start the program nothing can cool down. I have even tried adding extra force too the filament to help it over come any resistance to no avail.

Other: The print fails at the very start when it pre extrudes after the machine homes, All I hear is a clicking and the extrude wheel just bounces.

ANY help at this point would be appreciated, Ask any questions you have

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