Upgraded to a Duet 2 Controller

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Upgraded to a Duet 2 Controller

Postby FreedomRules » Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:17 pm

I finally got around to upgrading the controller on my Raise3D to a Duet 2 Wifi Controller with filament monitoring. I just got what I'd consider phase 1 completed yesterday. The new main board in and printing and it took a fair amount of new wiring. Actually with no calibrations done yet it printed a calibration cube with no issue. Once I get it calibrated I will continue to install the rest of the components. I've purchased all new Hall-e end stops and a Precision Piezo Universal Z-probe Kit for the new custom bed I had already installed. It uses 3 boards with dual PIEZO sensors on them that monitor flexing when the nozzle touches the bed. They are attached to my triangle pattern bed leveling system. On my Mac I setup an action folder that anytime I save a gcode file into it it transfers the file to the Duet for printing. One could also tell it to print after transmitting with rr_code but I just go into the web gui and tell it to print for now. I could also use the Post Process function on Simplify3D as well but prefer this method as it allows me to preview and make sure I'm ready to send file.

I figure I'll get it up and running smoothly with several test prints then maybe give Klipper firmware a shot. Not sure if I'll put a new display Panel in just yet or wait for the new Duet 3 board to see if it brings a new integration method for interacting with the Print. I really do like the Raise3D panel but without there source code it'd be a serious pain to try and integrate their modded PCDuino into it. Klipper firmware can use a couple of controller solutions. Like AstroPrint, OctoPrint and even recently Duet Web Control. Klipper uses either a Raspberry Pi or in my case a linux VM to do all the calculations then uses the onboard controller whether stock 8 bit controller or an upgraded 32 bit controller as just a motion controller. Supposedly people are getting pretty awesome prints off of it but who knows. I just like to tinker and this gives me something to do when I'm taking a break from other projects or home remodeling.

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