Running 12V fan from main Control Board

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Running 12V fan from main Control Board

Postby mhayduk » Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:19 pm

I have designed and built a fan housing with filter and would like to run it off the Main PCB. Is there a 12V port available for this. And is it controllable within Ideamaker? If not controllable, this is fine I will merely incorporate a manual switch and turn on when needed manually.

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Re: Running 12V fan from main Control Board

Postby Jetguy » Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:11 am

#1 Yes, there may be a port, but remember that is shared 12V power between ALL 12V devices in the printer to include the large mainboard cooling blower and the large LED strips lighting the printer space. The regulator rating is 3A max on the device data sheet- but that assumes proper engineering on the regulator circuit, proper cooling, heatsinking and other calcs. So really, call it 2A and 2.5A pushing it for safety and reliability reasoning. What means is, don't go connecting a large fan without knowing first the rating of that fan. If under 250mA (1/4 Amp), probably OK.
#2 No, none of those native 12V outputs are software controlled. You will have to install a switch.

You probably should find a 24V fan, not use the onboard regulator, and if you are slick with firmware since this is posted in the N series section and you do have access to firmware and can edit your own custom variation, you could use HE2 24V output. Again, you would have to define HE2 ouput and assign it to a gcode controlled fan or light function, but it is there.
Here is a discussion on that topic ... 140#p33442
And, on the extreme end of things and highly ill advised, you can remove a resistor jumper on the board, add some wire and make HE2 powered via the 12V- but still subject to the limitations of the onboard regulator and shared load.
Again, do not do this unless you are good with electronics
HE2 12V wiring mod2.jpg
HE2 12V solder point1.jpg
HE2 12v mod.jpg

Again, in general, unless you are really good at electronics, you probably should find a 24V fan, wire it directly to 24V power, and use a switch.
Definitely consider long and hard before you go down the custom firmware route and rewiring the printer. Fine exampel of what happens when you update firmware and forget your custom modifications required for your unique setup. Sorry to make an example of John, but this is exactly why running a custom firmware has a downside- when you forget ... he2#p44705

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