Camera Streams Freeze

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Camera Streams Freeze

Postby R3DUser » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:05 am

Has anyone else experienced an issue with the Raise3D camera where it works intermittently for short periods of time and then shows the message "Camera-1 Error: camera streams freeze, please check the USB connection of the camera"? I spent a lot of time troubleshooting this with Raise3D technical support. Of course one of the first things was to check the USB connection. I tried plugging the camera in directly to the touchscreen board (no extension cord from the top corner of the printer) and then directly to different USB ports. I continued to get the same message. I sent the original camera back and got a new camera to try and I got the same results. Both of the cameras I tried were sent back to Raise3D. Raise3D tested both cameras and said they could not reproduce the problem. A network connection issue was considered as well, but in the end I still see the error message directly on the touchscreen when there is no Ethernet cable even plugged into the machine. Of course I can never view the camera picture without ideaMaker connected to it, but I can watch the camera status directly on the touchscreen from the Settings area under the camera tab. It goes from "State: Connected" to "State: Freezing". I was eventually told it was most likely something failing on the touchscreen. I was quoted a replacement touchscreen, but as others have also noted, the replacement screen is really expensive. You could buy two real nice 50" 4K smart TVs for what the replacement touchscreen costs. Any suggestions for other options or possible ways to repair/fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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