Hardened nozzles appear to be getting etched anyway...

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Hardened nozzles appear to be getting etched anyway...

Postby jetdillo » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:11 am

I just printed my round of parts with NylonX(carbon-fiber-laced nylon) and found that even with the Raise3D hardened nozzle, there was some wear/channeling of the nozzle after printing around 200g of NylonX.

I finished printing with NylonX and was going to go back to PLA for some other print jobs.
So I did my usual filament change-out routine:
Pre-load then unload the active filament.
Load in some cleaning filament and run that through the nozzle for about a meter at the temp used by NylonX, then unload that.
Next, load in the new filament.

The PLA loaded fine, but when I went to run a print with it, everything went pear-shaped fairly quickly. I got lots of skips and clicks from the extruder followed by the filament just completely jamming up solid and unable to even unload successfully. I cleared that, ran another round of cleaning filament, checked the Bondtech to make sure the gears weren't sliding around(they weren't) and started again. Same thing.

So, on a hunch, I swapped in a brand new nozzle onto that hot-end. It worked.
Suddenly my printer was back to its old self, clicking along(the good way), and I was able to finish off the PLA runs that I had to do w/ no problem.

I'm guessing that the carbon fiber in the nozzle channeled it just enough to allow softer filament like PLA to glob up at the tip and cause enough of a clog that the filament couldn’t push through successfully. I'm wondering if there are stainless steel nozzles that would fit a Raise3D N2 hotend or if that's something I would need to switch to an E3D assembly to get to work.

Anyway, the nozzle that I used for the NylonX has been set aside for now and marked for use w/ abrasive filaments only from now on.

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Re: Hardened nozzles appear to be getting etched anyway...

Postby zemlin » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:05 pm

I printed a couple of small parts with NylonX using the Raise plated nozzles and didn't see anything drastic, but I invested in a set of ruby nozzles when I bought a few spools of CF materials to play with. So far so good with those, and they work nicely with unfilled materials as well. I had an issue with a ruby nozzle not sealing against the throat tube when installed at the suggested torque (and I don't want to twist harder and damage an $85 nozzle!), so I added one of these PEEK washers as a gasket between the throat tube and the nozzle. Working great so far. https://www.mcmaster.com/93785a110

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