N1 Dual Z Axis Stop Bracket Issues

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N1 Dual Z Axis Stop Bracket Issues

Postby Danyen14 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:23 am

On the N1 that I got from Amazon, which is being returned and replaced with one i bought from Raise3D, the Z Axis Stop bracket didn't hold the adjustment thumb screw very well. This was do to the fact the factory cut threads into a single layer of sheet metal,which is an engineering 101 mistake,ie, you need x amount of thread engagement per the bolt diameter as follows: "The length of thread engagement in a steel nut member should be equal to or greater than one full diameter of the bolt and be of comparable strength (i.e. if the screw is ¼” diameter, the thread engagement needs to be a minimum of ¼”)."

On the bracket in question ( the adjustment thumb screw is a M3) there isn't 3mm of threaded hole length to be found,hence,the adjustment thumb screw wobbles like crazy. My temporary fix was to put a ball point pen spring between the top of the bracket and the bottom of the thumb screw knob underside to add some holding tension to the bracket assembly. Also the bracket is bent over ninety degrees, my question is this correct or should the bracket be bent to a perpendicular, ninety degree bend?

So is it possible to get a factory print of this part so i can build a replacement? I just need the hole center dims and the correct bend angle... I contacted Support in the USA and they said they didn't have access to this information. I guess it would be a request to be dealt with the factory instead.

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