New Support Structure Type

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New Support Structure Type

Postby DanaD » Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:30 am

Feature Request:
Title: [Add Tent Pole Support]
Description: [Feature would generate external "Tent Pole" supports for narrow tall parts]
Version: [3.05]
Operation System: [Mac OS]
Reason: [Narrow models that must be printed vertically in the Z-axis, have limited contact with the print bed; thus the model will tip over from limited contact/hold down to the print bed regardless of using a raft etc,. By adding tent pole supports, the user can support-- against the model instability in the X and Y axis from lateral forces. Likewise, the tent poles supports are like a external cage. I'm imagining the tent pole support is a brace added, like Manuel supports are added, but at an angle (normal) and distance out/away from the base of model and needs to be specified by the user. Existing support types are good but perhaps a triangle support or circular support could be added too.]

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Re: New Support Structure Type

Postby zemlin » Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:55 pm

I have some models where I use a support structure similar to what you are describing. I have 21 tall fingers around the part and if they are unsupported when they come together the part draws in a bit due to material shrinkage. I have added an external sleeve and small leaders that reach in and join at the top of each finger - only two layers tall at the contact point and two perimeters thick, so it cuts away easily. This was added to the model so it's part of the STL file.

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