IdeaMaker NEEDS some adjustments

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IdeaMaker NEEDS some adjustments

Postby svarteld » Fri Sep 01, 2023 7:31 pm

Hello Raise3D,

I've got a Pro2 Plus, using it with the HyperSpeed upgrade and the Alpha IdeaMaker. Thanks for taking HyperSpeed out of alpha today!

But, please, please, PLEASE have an option in IdeaMaker in the settings to turn off all dialog warnings that the slicer thinks I need to know about. For instance, warnings about too high volumetric flow, too high speed, bad proportion of layer height vs width, etc. Its driving me nuts to have to close many dialog windows EVERY time I slice a model.

I realise this is for the user, but the setting can be on as standard, only settable to off. I run CHT nozzles that are capable of much higher volumetric flow than IdeaMaker thinks is possible, and I'm certain many other do too.

The professional way is to let the user make these decisions, and not being told what to do. It's a professional printer after all.

Please correct this to the next release, for everyones sake; yours too, to keep it professional.

Thank you /Peter

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