Bad handling of two extruders

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Bad handling of two extruders

Postby ppurdy » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:40 pm

This has to be sorted out:

I like many other users have PLA in one extruder and ABS in the other.
When I try to use ABS in the right extruder and have PLA loaded in the other I only get the options for PLA in the right extruder.
There should be an option to change the default extruder from left to right.

I understand why this was originally done, it was because you needed to discourage use of the right extruder because the run from the motor to the extruder was too long. I have changed to a Bondtec extruder to work around the original bad design and this is now not a problem.

It would be a bonus to be able to do sequential printing using one material for some models and another material for others (I haven't tried this so it may / should already be possible).

PS. I'm not keen on the new look which seems to be trying to copy the look of the latest versions of Adobe software and is the reason why I still use CS3 and haven't upgraded.

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Re: Bad handling of two extruders

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:19 pm

For now, if you want to print ABS with right nozzle, you can only choose the filament for both nozzles to be ABS. We will improve choosing printing templates for different nozzles in future version. Sorry for the trouble.
For sequential printing, it only supports one nozzle now. The problem to do sequential printing for two nozzles is after nozzle switching, the active nozzle needs to move out of the main printing area to purge first. And it will also no preheating and unused nozzle cooling down. Which may cause higher chance that nozzle collides the printer out model when print model moves around to do the operations mentioned above.

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