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An idea for a N2 Hotend(V2) improvement

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:48 pm
by TheKimster
Am i the only one who have the issue where the threading connecting the 2 parts is going bad after afew nozzlechanges/maintenances?
That, or i end up with a leaking hotend.
Though it might just be me with my spastic motorskills. :oops:
Anyways since i recently quit my job, i have excess time to get annoyed by stuff.
And since im currently out of hotends with intact threads as well, i ended up playing around trying to design an alternative to the steel part.
I wanted to add durability, keep simplicity for the sake of manufacturing.
Other than a spacer for the radiator all old part should fit.
Since The N2s are old news i dont expect miracles, still here you go. :P

The idea is that you screw it in from the bottom using the same thread as the nozzle.