Wish for detecting feed failure

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Wish for detecting feed failure

Postby Bengt » Fri Oct 27, 2023 5:41 am

Most highest wish is that the printer (I have an E2) could detect failure with feeding.

1. Detection fail to feed. This has been implemented successful for other brands. There are probably different solutions to it and I will not speculate in the best. Detecting this is wanted so the printer not burn the plastic in the head for several hours. It can maybe also send a warning through email or whatever system is implemented.

2. Detection of leakage. Does any printer has this? I ask for detecting that the filament do not come out of the head but still feeds = it's coming out somewhere else. This requires some sort of visual detection. I can imagine several methods, more or less advanced so it is not impossible. This would avoid those disastrous blobs of plastic you can get over the entire head and cables if it starts leaking above the head.

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Re: Wish for detecting feed failure

Postby ccclarke » Tue Oct 31, 2023 1:58 pm

These issues have been addressed in less expensive printers. After seeing the heads encased in plastic on a Monday morning after a weekend print (at work) more times than I care to remember, I am inclined to only purchase models that help minimize problems like this.

High current draw for a stalled X/Y gantry drive motors motor(s) ought to be detectable via firmware, with an operator alert message over wi-fi. This is not rocket science, though that only alerts the operator after the fact.

Spaghetti detection via camera is much more responsive. It's a shame this technology -used in less expensive FDM printers, cannot find it's way to models costing more than twice as much.

Would monitoring the extruder motor current for filament feed detection be too expensive to implement? Any loss of friction between the hob gear and filament should be detectable as the motor current draw should decrease slightly.
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