Pro2: Hardware Suggestions

Please post your suggestions for hardware features
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Pro2: Hardware Suggestions

Postby 87ninefiveone » Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:58 pm

We've had our Pro2 for about four months now, and while it produces great prints there are a number of things I find frustrating on the machine.

1. Poor Quality (and Proprietary) Nozzles - After four months I've seen what I would consider pretty heavy nozzle wear on the left extruder. After printing less than 5kg of PLA and 1kg of PETG, the tip of the left nozzle was visibly worn compared to the right nozzle. I measured a 0.3mm difference in height between a new nozzle and the used one. New nozzles are $20+ and perform worse than the $1 nozzles I use at home in terms of useful lifetime. The fact that I can't throw in a high quality e3D (or other) nozzle is just insult on injury.

2. Part Cooling Fans - No issues with how they perform, but they tend to suck thin strings of filament into the motor housings and fail quite quickly. Not a major issue since they're cheap, but the replacement process is an arduous. It would be nice to see pig tail connectors close to the fan location so that you don't need to tear apart the entire print head and deal with routing the new wiring to replace them. This would make fan replacement a simple 5 minute job instead of a 30-60 minute ordeal. It would also be nice if these had a guard similar to the hot end cooling fan as this might help prevent fine strings from being sucked in.

3. Lack of Auto Bed Leveling - This has been discussed ad nauseum in the forums, but adding a BL Touch would be a huge help on this machine given that leveling the bed manually takes hours of time and still doesn't result in a totally flat surface across the entire build plate.

4. Bed Leveling Process - The current design just doesn't work. The magnets don't hold the build plate tightly enough to the bed so even when you adjust the screws underneath there's no guarantee that the change in height is actually affecting the build plate. Also, why isn't there a screw in the center of the bed for adjustment?

5. BuildTak - The sheets work well (too well sometimes) and are VERY costly. They also aren't compatible with PETG as you're guaranteed to destroy the BuildTak sheet when you remove the print. I have, and use, the N2 glass bed on my Pro2, but fitment isn't quite right so I have to use binder clips to keep it in place. Please offer a glass bed insert for the Pro2 series that fits properly, preferably one that is 4-5mm thick as the 3mm N2 glass isn't very stiff/flat when installed on Pro2.

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