Extrusion Problem - heating issue?

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Extrusion Problem - heating issue?

Postby chris@scpmi.com » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:29 pm

Hi all,

My Pro2 was printing like an absolute dream until about 3 days ago when it decided to stop. I left a print running overnight and came in to find no plastic on the bed. I assumed the filament had somehow got caught up but the reel was clear. I tried to restart the print and could hear the feeder motor clunking. After disassembling the print head it turned out the end of the filament had melted and fattened so was blocking the rest of the reel spooling through. I've tried everything I can think of to get it sorted and the issue remains; I'm going to raise a ticket but wondered if anybody here has experienced this? I'll summarise below:

    The problem occurred when I tried to start a fresh print, halfway through a reel.
    The problem occurs in both nozzles.
    The enlarged filament makes it impossible for the printer to fully unload the reel and I have to disassemble the print head to get the filament out.
    Once clear the filament loads and spools through without issue (for both nozzles). As soon as I start a fresh print the problem rears up again immediately.
    I have tried with various different reels (all ABS but different brands).
    I have tried with various different settings including custom and default settings. (Idea maker ver, Pro2 firmware ver
    I have tried with various different models.

I have no idea what caused the issue to start since I was printing parts which had previously successfully printed and the fact that it happens with both nozzles makes me think it might be some sort of software issue causing the filament to overheat? Its very odd and nothing I try seems to fix it. I haven't updated the software or firmware for a while so that didn't cause it. So yeah - anybody else had anything like this?!



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Re: Extrusion Problem - heating issue?

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:04 pm

Did you remember the expanded filament tip block at which height when you found the issue? If it just happens after one print and before starting another with no filament swap, it should be inside hotend.
Only the abnormal is the expanded tip or you can also see melt or soften issues at the other height?
Your issue might can be fixed by unloading the filament once it finishes print, and cut a fresh edge. Then load the filament in before starting a new print.
BTW, have you also confirm whether the front cooling fan works or not?

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