Bridging test

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Bridging test

Postby Spud » Sat Nov 24, 2018 9:05 pm

I am impressed by this machine.
Its a turnkey printer with impressive results out of the box.

I grabbed a calibration test file from Thingiverse.
From Starno.

The file is designed to help fine tune the bridging capabilities of your printer.
Bridging is extruding plastic over non-supported areas. To be successful you are looking for plastic to be printed horizontally without support, and with little to no sag.

Here are three pics of the bridging the Raise3D Pro2 printed for me with very little tweaking.

The part was taken off of the build plate with zero post-processing = no stringing, no cleanup.
PLA was R3D's premium PLA included with the R3D Pro2.

Printed at .2mm
Speed 60mm/s

VERY happy with this printer!
The third bridge from the bottom has a defect, not the longest bridge though. It happens.
Another angle. Nice print!
Approx 50.65mm / 1.99 inches bridging. WOW
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Re: Bridging test

Postby Spud » Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:18 am

The 1.99 bridge example above turns out wasn't so special.
I was able to go over 5". When infill was placed over the 5" bridge things got weird. Not a great look but it was a long bridge.
If it was in vase mode (single wall with no infill) I could have gone even further.

I printed out another calibration test from Thingiverse. from majda107

I also printed a part with support (no pictures) and after the support was removed it left a nice surface.
Really easy to remove.

The first picture shows a flashlight shining up through the part so you can see the text.
(Get some calipers....the wire of this paper clip is .76 thick).
The thickness of the text is .3mm (most text is 2.5mm wide).
That's some fine printing.
I could get the small areas to fill in completely but I got to see what this printer can do and I'm impressed.

There is no post-processing/cleanup whatsoever. You can see a strand that printed in the air in the last pic.
That happened on the underside of the 75 degree section. The other arc was a larger arc that had some sagging below it (no pic).

Wow.....great printer.
The paperclip is.76mm thick.
MINI All In One 3D printer test.JPG
Pic from Thingiverse
Banding on the top surface at 80 degrees.
No cleanup whatsoever!
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Re: Bridging test

Postby Spud » Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:38 pm

I designed and 3D printed some business cards.
Six layers at approx .05mm each.

The card is approx .35mm thick and looks great (the camera picks up a lot more texture/print lines than my eyes can. The card in real life looks smooth and sharp).

The thickness.

The back = Two color card. Black and white would be slick (no black filament).

A view from the back showing a lithopane like effect.
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