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OpenTorque Actuator

Postby Raess » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:03 am

So the latest couple of weeks I have been printing a couple of Actuators.
OpenTorque uses a large-diameter brushless quadcopter motor, a 3D-printed planetary gearbox and the VESC 100A for control.
I am printing a 6pcs of the single version and 2pcs dual-version (Hip-motion)

-Peak torque (theoretical): 56 Nm
-Continuous torque (measured): 28 Nm
-Weight: 1.2 kg
-Gear ratio: 6:1
-Cooling: Air-cooled
-Cost: Approx. $150

This Actuators is printed with taulman alloy 910 and PrimaSelect ABS+.





This was my first time printing with Alloy 910 and I'm impressed by the strength of this filament. Had some trouble with warping at the beginning and tried many different types of building surfaces and bed adhesion sprays. I ended up with mixing a PVA glue with Dana 315 (50%) and water (50%) and a thin coating on borosilicate glass. This works absolutely perfect at 45C on the bed.

First test drive: Running VESC 100A- AS5048A. Current limit in this test is set to 5A.
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Re: OpenTorque Actuator

Postby woofy » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:19 am

Well done.
That's remarkably quiet in operation. I did something similar a while back for a robot arm. I printed in PLA, and it was very noisy.
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