Printing Clog when starting to print Support Structure

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Printing Clog when starting to print Support Structure

Postby kieldancor » Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:14 am

Hey Guys,

Ive been having issue with my Raise N2 Plus, for a few days now and i cant figure out the problem.

The machine has been printing fine for a good couple of months and now its starting to get buggy. the print will stall when it reaches to print a support layer after its fully printed a raft, it will get into printing the support layer and then clog, and by clog i mean that the feeder gear just chews into the filament and thus wont feed into the nozzle.

technically the machine isn't clogged but the filament feed gear is chewing and eating away at the filament.
This only happens when it prints the (Blue Support Structure) and then it will just air print.
I know there must be an issue with the settings then if it happens the exact same time each print.

I'm using the stock 0.4mm nozzle which is supplied and its provided excellent results so far.
i have pulled apart the Heaterblock assembly and given a full clean. with no avail.

I'm using Esun ABS filament. Nozzle 240C and Bed 100C
Ive tried 3 different spools of filament to no avail. Same brand
(Tried different slice settings and new Gcode each time)

My guess is that the support structure is a touch thinner than the build raft.
(I have printed this part multiple times prior with success previously)

I've tweaked the settings maybe 10 times and tried over and over with no avail. Slowing down the flowrate and the support speed.
(The attached setting have always worked for me prior).

Im thinking the next move might be a new nozzle.

Any Tips or ideas would be appreciated.

Support Structure 2.png
Support Structure 1.png
Support Settings.png

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