Best Filament Brand for Each type of Material

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Best Filament Brand for Each type of Material

Postby KS_Husker » Fri Jun 22, 2018 6:48 pm

I have searched on here and cannot find this information in detail on many different filaments.

I'm wondering if we can come up with a good list of filament brands and the product line that people have found to be the best and easiest to achieve very good print quality with standard settings available in Ideamaker to minimize settings tweaks. I want to get the best material for my money that will also get excellent print quality, all while selecting a standard print profile in Ideamaker and slice.

Materials I think we should have this info. on are:

1. ABS - (Brand, Product Line)
2. PLA - (Brand, Product Line)
3. Polycarbonate - (Brand, Product Line)
4. PETG - (Brand, Product Line)
5. ASA - (Brand, Product Line)
5. Nylon - (Brand, Product Line)
6. Carbon Fiber Reinforced - (Brand, Product Line)
7. Flexible - (Brand, Product Line)
8. Soluble Support for ABS - (Brand, Product Line)
9. Soluble Support for PLA - (Brand, Product Line)
(Any other interesting materials)

Thanks in advance for everyone's input here. I think this will benefit many people if we can have all this in one place.

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