Print settings for 3DXTech PC/ASA

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Print settings for 3DXTech PC/ASA

Postby jmenking » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:34 pm


I am beginning some test prints using 3DXTech PC/ASA filament. I will post results when I'm done, but has anyone tried a PC or PC alloy before?

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Re: Print settings for 3DXTech PC/ASA

Postby Mecha_Monster » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:43 am

Not that brand, but I had print a lot of things with Polymaker's PC-Max. It sticks fairly well to the Buildtak, but you have to set it to 110 and let it heat for at least 40 min. I print slow, no raft, but with a 10 lines brim, 270 degrees. Slow, less than 40 mm/s.
Also, procure to remove the printed part when the buildplate is still hot, if you let it cool down you will have a hard time removing it.
By the way, PC supports comes off very cleanly, be generous with the support if you need it.

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Re: Print settings for 3DXTech PC/ASA

Postby jmenking » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:15 am


Following setting got the "best" quality prints. I'm not happy with quality yet because of layer de-lamination.

Extruder Temp: 285C, higher temp helped with de-lamination
Layer height: 0.150mm
Print speed: 37mm/sec
HBP: 100C, glass with hairspray. Buildtak works well, too well; as mentioned by Mecha_Monster, also took his advice with the skirt additions. First layer height around 40% for good adhesion.
Slowed down most other operations like supports, outlines, infill...

More flexible than I thought it would be at 30% infill, almost rock solid at 100% infill
Didn't notice an order unless I was sniffing for it.

Will update as quality improves.

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Re: Print settings for 3DXTech PC/ASA

Postby MDVolle » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:09 am

I am trying to print with the 3DX PC/ASA and it seems to stick OK to the Polyimide sheets (on glass) or even glue stick on glass but am having a hard time getting the layers to bond strongly... which is a bummer - any suggestions?

It does seem to take a while to saturate the build plate at 100C - I set it to 95 in the tune panel to start it warming up a good half hour before starting a print -

I haven't tried going up to 285 on the extruder but will try that next



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