NylonX printing on Raise3D Pro V2

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NylonX printing on Raise3D Pro V2

Postby paul@damato.us » Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:20 pm

I am struggling printing NylonX on my Raise 3D Pro V2. I am using the settings suggested on Matterhackers, but the print is peeling up. Here are the settings I am using:

Bed temperature: 60c
Extruder Temp: 260c
No fan cooling
Used PVA purple glue stick on heat bed
Printed with raft
Print speed: 80mm/sec

I can get a few layers working on a thin print but anything thick is peeling up. Printing NylonX or another strong carbon fiber filament was a big reason I bought the Raise 3D Pro, so I would really like to get this working.

Thank you!


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Re: NylonX printing on Raise3D Pro V2

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:15 am

Have you double confirmed the Z offset for the nozzles?
Have you tried other types of glues? Such as PVP glue?
Such as the following two:
https://www.amazon.com/HOOV-Purpose-Cyl ... s=PVP+glue
https://www.amazon.com/Treading-branded ... s=PVP+glue

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Re: NylonX printing on Raise3D Pro V2

Postby BendPro » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:34 pm

You really need to use garolite sheet as a build plate. Nylonx will NOT stick to Buildtak. This is the sheet that I ordered and cut to fit the bed (https://www.mcmaster.com/9910t16).
You can purchase double stick sheets on Amazon (Gizmo Dorks 3M 468MP Adhesive Transfer Tape Sheets).
I ordered an extra build plate base to do this on, you just need to remember to re-zero whenever you switch plates.

Hope this helps. Ken

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