Repacking the N2 Plus to different location

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Repacking the N2 Plus to different location

Postby chengl03 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:41 am

Hello Raise3D Community,

I know I saw some things about repacking the N2 Plus because moving to a different location/house but I forgot where it is. I am moving and want to take my N2 Plus and I just want some advice or steps in how to prepare the N2 Plus and some do and don't. It would help me greatly to not damage my N2 Plus since it has been running near perfect for sizes up to half the build size (have not printed a full size yet as does not need to at the moment).

Some concern is, is it ok to lean the printer at an angle to lift it down from the truck for that few seconds and is it safe to lay it down on the side/back for a better lift to get it down from the truck (of course this is when the printer is repack). Why I ask this is because I am living alone and most of the people I know that I can ask will not be avaliable for some time, and I can't really wait for them to come back cause I will be renting a truck for moving it and have to return the truck or should I just extend the rental of truck.

Also the location I am moving to has winter so it will be cold. What is the coldest temperature that the printer can handle without damaging it when printing and not printing? Want to know for reference.


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Re: Repacking the N2 Plus to different location

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:38 am

Please back the printer to this status.

1. Move the printer head to rear right corner and fix the axis with plastic clips.
2. Insert some foam under the build plate and hand move the Z thread rod to let the foam support the build plate.
3. Remove the build glass and fixing clips from the bed.
4. Fix the printed clamps with screws to lock Z thread rod.

5. Carefully package everything with the protection foam.

Please do not lay the printer down or lean it when shipping, especially long-time shipping. Or the axis may bent and the transparent cover may break. Or use a cart to move the printer.

We recommend do not leave printer under 0C for long-time. And do not operate it under 10C.
Cold environment may cause:
1. The battery cannot be charged anymore.
2. The lube lose efficacy.
3. Rubber and plastic may break or aging quickly at low temperature.

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