Changing a second model into a support

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Changing a second model into a support

Postby frjez » Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:48 pm

I would like to propose a feature that would change a second added model to a SUPPORT. Let me explain:
Screen Shot 03-22-17 at 09.45 PM 001.PNG

So, we have the main model let's call it Box (purple), and as the box have a flat top we need a support. As in the following image:
Screen Shot 03-22-17 at 09.45 PM.PNG

As you can see, the support has quite a bit of material, which means more cost and more time to make all that support.

Inserting a second model, a cylinder (red) with a cone on top (works in this case. In other cases a different shape might fit better) and position it underneath the Box we can create a support which is less material consuming (one line/extruder wide) and thus faster:
Screen Shot 03-22-17 at 09.40 PM.PNG

The whole support would look like following:

(this should be an animated GIF)
The only problem at present is that the second body-model is treated as a "useful part to be printed", meaning that uses settings, speed and material in particular of a model and not support!
So the idea is to change this second model into a support. Actually all the settings as for the support should apply to this model.

Hope that the explanation is understandable!

This feature would save a lot of time since automatic slicing in ALL "slicers" to be correct, are less than ideal.

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Re: Changing a second model into a support

Postby walshlg » Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:29 pm

I occasionally model my own support - usually a tree and branch structure. You nee a program that can do mesh editing (like Blender) and you just start by extruding and tapering the faces that need support and taper all these branches, bring together into a central "trunk" and extrude down, widen at the base. One big advantage is that your support is normal to the angle of the face you are supporting - as opposed to a horizontal support column trying to support an angled face. THere are a few programs that try to do this but its a difficult thing for a program to do.

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