Mount for moving the Y-axis limit switch

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Mount for moving the Y-axis limit switch

Postby zemlin » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:16 pm

Related to this thread about increasing the soft limits in the firmware, I made a switch mount which moves the Y-axis limit switch 10mm toward the front of the printer. You will need to modify the bed platform also moving it toward the front of the printer for this to be of any value, and the modified firmware in the referenced thread will also be needed to get any increase in the usable build volume.

I'll be posting other pieces of my bed mod project which, I believe, will allow me to achieve a full, uninterrupted 12" square build area with the left extruder.

This plate attaches to the existing tapped holes with M3x10 flat head screws.
The holes for the plate are sized for an M3 tap to thread the plastic, or you can likely force a screw to form it's own threads. M3x5 socket head screws are what I used for the switch.

There's a small shaft collar on the right side that needs to be moved forward to allow the gantry to hit the switch. This works with either the stock extruder or the Bondtech

I printed mine in ABS. I wouldn't use PLA for printer parts because it doesn't handle elevated temperatures.


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