Start with low temperature when trying to play with third party PLA

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Start with low temperature when trying to play with third party PLA

Postby Derek@Raise3D » Sun May 22, 2016 6:54 am

Jetguy wrote:What you are seeing is the difference between pure PLA and PLA with additives. And, it's opposite to what you think.
PLA can be brittle. Esun is one of the purer PLA brands and has less filler and other additions. This is easy to know because real pure PLA melts and prints as low as 185C. The more additives included, the higher the required printing temp. Again Esun typical temp is 190-195C.

Raise 3D is a totally different blend. By feel, it seems more like a PHA PLA blend. This is why default temp is 215C.

So what you are really seeing is the difference and benefits of the specific blend of Raise 3D filament, compared to most PLA on the market. The fault is not the Esun filament, but rather, you've been spoiled by the Raise 3D blend.

Just trying to give you fair warning as you try other brands and materials.

This is the post I just copied from another post. Just as jetguy mentioned, raise3d filament has a higher Tg than other filaments and since it's all metal setup. So don't go too hot with your third party PLA. 185c~190c is a good start point for basic pure PLAs.
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