Bed leveling again

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Bed leveling again

Postby photoholic » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:42 pm

Hi again

well I was aaalmost happy with my N2 but the bed is really a pita... it coasts me nerves on a daily base.

I learned so far:
The bed is basically never level... if the bed is by chance level anyway because you just leveled it, it will doubtless get unleveled:

- after the next few z-axis movements
- or after the bed gets hoter than the temparature you leveled it
- if your room temparature changes
- if some minor seismic activity can be measured
- if a fly lands on the plate
- or just to annoy you by any other opportunity

Printing with an N2 is actually only possible with a raft... please mention that on the website!

You have to change the leveling desing or you will sink with it... 1000'0000 billions of screw are useless if parts are moving, extend with temperature etc... please involve a reasonable thinking engineer in this post. It's absolutely easy to explain why it's really not working... will never... no... really... believe me. You can put another 20 screw in the bed... nope will be even worse...

Best wishes and happy leveling


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Re: Bed leveling again

Postby cullymoto » Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:37 pm

I too suffer from this issue. The bed simply just wouldn't maintain it's level. Not even for a moment.
Here's what worked.
I loosened all the nuts underneath, and all the grub screws backed right out. The build plate was held up only buy the binder clips.
There are 13 screw locations under there... Too many. There are 4 in the outside corners, and 4 more just inside.
I set the center and the 4 inside corners to the same height.
Then I tightened just the grub screws all around so that they just barely touch the plate, and left the nuts loose.
I believe having 13 points of tension causes all kinds of stress on the build plate, causing it to torque differently each time it's heated /cooled.
Using just 4 or 5 places to hold the plate level it sees far less torque and is able to expand/contract in more predictable ways.
Good luck

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