Elegant Solutions to the Hot Extruder Problem.

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Elegant Solutions to the Hot Extruder Problem.

Postby Kingdom3dPrinting » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:41 pm

Extruder is chewing away ABS after hours of printing.

I am confident it is because the metal channel where the extruder motors are gets far too hot from heat transfer with stepper motors and is unable to cool effectively when enclosed with 100°C heart bed.

Is there a going solution for this that doesn't involve replacing with bondtech?


1. 3d print a replacement for clear acrylic cover that allows a fan to be mounted on the front blowing cool air on filament. Also a heat sink could be bolted onto the left side of the metal block with thermal compound and the fan could blow through that too.

2. Put small washers between metal block and stepper motors. Effectively breaking the heat sink will keep the metal block much cooler. Could even use a washer that does not conduct heat well or even introduce some kind of insulator (simple 3d printed ABS plate?) - I would like to know if anyone as tried this... Do you think the motor would get too hot?

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Re: Elegant Solutions to the Hot Extruder Problem.

Postby tja » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:06 pm

If you search this forum you will find a couple of solutions...
- Adding heatsinks to the back side of the extruder motors
- Reducing the drive voltage to the motors

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