Adapted Olsson Ruby nozzles

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Adapted Olsson Ruby nozzles

Postby pjyarnall » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:40 am

If you are printing any filled filaments, glass or carbon fiber in particular, you know that brass nozzles have a half life measured in hours. Don't bother buying the Raise3D "hard" nozzles. They are not hard. They are essentially the same standard brass nozzles with an electroless nickel alloy plating. They have a half life a few minutes longer than the unplated version.

I installed a MK A2 hardened steel nozzle. They lack the countersunk feature of the proprietary R3D design, but it lasted longer than brass. I had to raise extruder temps a bit.

If you are printing a lot of filled filaments then the best long term solution is the Olsson Ruby. $90 at MatterHacker. When you consider the time lost to changing out nozzles and the exponentially longer service life, they are a bargain..

The problem is that they are not a happy substitute in the Pro2 hot end for length and mating to the throat tube. So I designed a modified Olsson and my super talented friend and fellow Pro 2 owner did the precision machining required to make them work. Pics below.

The 3mm spacer is intended to go to the heat sink tightly for maximum heat transfer. We choose to tighten the throat tube up to the nozzle instead of leaving a gap. We have encountered no problems to date.
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