De Facto N1 Profile for Simplify3D?

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De Facto N1 Profile for Simplify3D?

Postby mitchfx » Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:15 am

I have both the N1 (V2 Hotend) and N2 Plus (V1 hotend, for now) and rely mostly on Idea Maker for slicing for these units. However I've been a huge fan of Simplify3D for all my other printers and wanted to start using it more on my N1. Simplify 4.0 includes a profile for the N2 but nothing specificly for the N1. I was wondering if there is a suggested profile to use for the N1 and S3D. Jetguy linked to one in this thread... a year ago but I'm wondering if there is something better I should use.

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Re: De Facto N1 Profile for Simplify3D?

Postby Jetguy » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:04 am

I'm still using that profile with my N1 to this day. Ignore the whole V1 v 2 thing. All that I have ever seen change is extrusion temp.
Mine has V2 hotend (currently configured as a single extruder) and in that mode, if you add a 50mm fan and this duct to the right side, it matches the single extruder version as shipped by Raise 3D.
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