ideaMaker last Release?

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ideaMaker last Release?

Postby Oliviers » Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:04 pm


I received last week my RAISED3D N2 PLUS.
The ideaMaker release is Ver but I see in a topic that there is a version 2.5.0.
When I ask ideaMaker to update (Help-Sofware Update...) it answer me that current version is the newest.

Is it a good idea to update to version 2.5.0?
How to update?


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Re: ideaMaker last Release?

Postby Jetguy » Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:54 pm

Check the downloads page. Note, even if you got a new printer last week you should compare versions of firmware on the printer while at it.
You need to check all 3 things (Ideamaker Software, Raise Touch Firmware, and actual motion board Marlin firmware).

Ideamaker software updates are always at the top of that page. They really aren't "updates", they are complete versions if we get picky here. You just download and install on your computer and it removes the old version and installs the new.
Ideamaker version.jpg

The printer has 2 main components and a DIFFERENT firmware is on them.
You can see the 2 firmware versions by accessing the LCD menu
You touch the "gear" in the upper right corner of the LCD menu
touch 1.jpg

Then you will see the 2 different firmware versions for the LCD itself and the Motion controller Marlin versions.
(As a note, I'm running my own custom Marlin firmware version 1.1.7J- for Jetguy since this is a custom Core XY variant)
touch 2.jpg

The front panel LCD is a complete linux computer. It has it's own "firmware" and those were called Raisepacks in the past and now called "Raise Touch" to make it clear that is just for the LCD panel of the printer. These updates are often VERY important as they affect the user interface of the printer and many printing functions. These you download the file, put it on a USB thumb drive, insert into the printer before turning it on, and if the printer detects a new version on the USB drive, it begins updating. Again, key is, turn the printer off, insert thumb drive with update file, turn on printer, printer boots and sees file and updates. In addition to letting to the update finish, recently there have been a few examples of folks that get caught in a loop on shutdown and it might be related after a recent update. The best practice is to use the LCD menu item to tell the system to reboot after installing an update rather than power cycling the printer. Seen in this thread viewtopic.php?f=4&p=25244#p25214
Again, the idea is that after a recent raisetouch update, rather than power cycling the printer, use the software command to reboot via the touchscreen. Doing this just one time after you install the update may prevent a hung shutdown and stuck LCD control panel. It's simple addition to the normal update instructions as just a post procedure, perform a soft reboot to ensure the system has completed all update tasks and is ready for a normal power down shutdown sequence.
The updates for download are found about halfway down on the Raise 3D Downloads page.
Raise Touch.jpg

Marlin motion board firmware has been updated recently and everyone should update to fix a known pause issue present in version 1.1.1 It should be a habit to know what firmware versions are running on the printer, and when checking for new updates on the download page, at least look and see if the Marlin firmware version changed. The logic here is that the Touch LCD and the Marlin firmware must talk to each other. Ideally if there is a new feature added in the Touch Update, one day, it might require a new firmware version of Marlin to also support the feature. These updates also go on the USB thumb drive and are labeled .firm and instead, you go to the print menu, choose the drive where it's stored, and "print" the file and because it's named a .firm, it knows to flash the file to the motion board.
Marlin version .jpg
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Re: ideaMaker last Release?

Postby Jetguy » Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:58 pm

Also notes:
The only firmware that is printer specific is the Marlin firmware.
In other words, ALL 3 current N series printers (N1, N2, and N2Plus) and also single extruder or dual extruder, they all use the same versions of Ideamaker and Raise touch.
However, the Marlin motion control firmware is machine specific to the size of the printer, so be sure to get the correct one.

Ideamaker= same between printers
Raisepack or Raise Touch= same between printers
Marlin.firm= Specific to which printer (N1, N2, or N2Plus).

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