Overhang fan speed

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Overhang fan speed

Postby Boscolio » Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:33 pm

I am currently designing a new part cooling nozzle for my N2+ Dual. I can get very good quality overhangs out to 70-75°C, and successful if diminished appearance out to 85° (.48mm extrusion width, .1mm layer height). The trouble is the amount of air I need to push to get the really nice looking overhangs above ~45°.
N2+ Part Cooling Overhang.jpg

I haven't used all of the slicing software out there, but of the ones I have used, I've noticed that they lack fan control on overhangs.
In order to get really nice overhangs in virtually any material, I need to increase fan speed more than I'd like for the rest of the print. It sucks to have to crank the fan and risk reduced layer adhesion for the entire print just to get one small area with an overhang to print well.

I see there are controls for bridges, but overhangs are not specified. Does the bridging detection detect overhangs at all, or are they completely separate?
Is there currently a secret (or not so secret) way of increasing fan speed ONLY when printing overhangs?
If not, I'd like to request it as a feature. I'd love to be able to specify fan speed for overhang areas. Perhaps even by angle using a table so that the fan can be adjusted only as much as necessary. Or perhaps a min and max overhang angle value for when the fan is used and associated min/max fan speeds (software then interpolates based upon detected overhang angle).

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