printer only prints on lower left corner help!!!

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printer only prints on lower left corner help!!!

Postby davedraven1 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:32 am

"raise3d n2 single"
the photo shows my problem..... trying to print a helmet...........the top and right should be further out and look similar to the left .
manually trying to move the head past the top and right through the lcd does not go past.physically i can move it all around once in a while it will get stuck some what, but i do not think it is a binding issue .but any help will be appreciated...

tried the print in s3d and idea maker same result..
i have printed a cube dead in the middle with no problem...

here is what i have done to this printer since i got it" second hand"...
bondtech upgrade i did the e steps and lowered the voltage to .5 on the first thing in the control box.
switched out the hotend and coupler and heating rod. cause it would not get to temp and stay there.
so everything is good but only prints lower left half of the printer....

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