Difficulty choosing between an updated N2 and a stock Pro2

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Difficulty choosing between an updated N2 and a stock Pro2

Postby gkoginov » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:27 am

Hi guys,

We are struggling to make a decision between two of the Raise3D printer options. What would be your opinion on which printer to choose between the following two options:

1) Raise3D N2 + Bondtech dual extruder + BuildTalk flexplate (pre-assembled)
2) Raise3D Pro2

The price difference we have from the local supplier is around $750.
A bit of a background info on us: we're a fairly small hardware engineering company, where the printers would be used for prototyping only. We want to go with Raise printers mainly because the build volume would fit some of the larger parts that we'll be iterating on. I think mostly we'll be printing with PLA, but having an option on experimenting with different filaments is also an advantage. I would say that the printer would usually be busy 2-2.5 days per week.

The one things that I am really looking for is to minimise the overall troubleshooting / maintenance time as we simply have very limited time capacity for that. So ideally we're looking for something more a plug-and-play system.

I've read that most of the drawbacks of the N2 printer came from the OEM extruder and have been fixed with the Bondtech upgrade (please correct me if I'm wrong). Is there a clear advantage worth $750 in going for the Pro2 version over the aforementioned N2 combination?

Thanks for the help!

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