Printer failure

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Re: Printer failure

Postby Squenz » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:27 pm

I definately won't make this for others, as i hate this kind of job and it's a liabiliy issue for me to top it off. But i could send you a set of parts, and as much cable as you need for your N1/N2/N2+, but shipping to Sweden could be a killer, don't know how much that would cost. The only real problem with this is the crimping tool, i have a set of japanese engineer pliers for all sizes of pins, but that's not what anybody has lying around. They aren't expensive as buying a specific crimping tool, but around 40 euros for only the smaller sizes pliers makes such an one-off thing kinda crude.

I have a buddy who does this sort of things for a living, if there's some demand, i could ask him for giving a quote and make and sell them professionally out of his company. But don't expect this idea being on a fast track, he's usually swamped with orders. It could be severall weeks before he can have someone fab up these cables.

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Re: Printer failure

Postby Noren » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:28 pm

newraiseuser wrote:Or you could install a hepafilter in the printer to tak
Thanks Noren. For the first suggestion, do you have some photos to illustrate the idea?

I was thinking about a duct fan. There are models that are inline and you put in the fan duct and there are models that you connect the fan duct to. And there are Flexible fan ducts. And you can print your own connectors to save money.

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