[Feature Request / Ideamaker] Treat the first layer above infill as bridge

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[Feature Request / Ideamaker] Treat the first layer above infill as bridge

Postby Sweng » Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:04 pm


Since every type of plastic is reacting differently to bridging and this has to be treated as a distinct "event", you made it possible to tweak those width percentage and speed wise. While this is nothing new, it applies not to every scenario. Printing over infill - especially with a lower percentage - is technically exactly like bridging.

So, why bother you may ask. Normally you wouldn't see that, right? Thats particular right in a bottom-infill-top scenario.

With rising efforts to reduce plastic usage and giving the piece a distinct look i questioned this paradigm (bottom-infill-top). And Ideamaker actually allows this by setting "Bottom Solid Fill Layers" to zero. With the infill pattern diversified with 3.x you have even more visual options. So, with setting "Top Solid Fill Layer" one up (to 5) and using the honeycomb infill i get a structural stable an visually pleasing piece reducing solid infill layers by 3 - a lot of saved plastic and time.
(Design it that way and simply half the solid fill layers wont give you the same results - quality wise)
Heck, with the posibility to cut the piece as you want -align it in the slicer- and then apply Group settings you have even more options just using the capabilities of the slicer.

Kind of longish pretext, but i want to get the idea across.

Feature Request:

Since in this scenario (Infill-top) the first top layer is the visible one, it would be nice to treat them like bridges - altering it the way that fits best to the plastic used. A simple implementation i think.

How about that? (i hope i didn't miss something already optional)

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Re: [Feature Request / Ideamaker] Treat the first layer above infill as bridge

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Wed May 02, 2018 7:03 am

Saw a similar request with different idea here.

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